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Who we are

Frankly we are a digital product studio with bits of a creative technology company.

Our company had been founded in 2014 by 2 people with more than three decades of shared experience in digital, visual and electronic world.

We are based in Ireland (Republic of Ireland, not in Northern Ireland, just to clarify) in a picturesque area known as Cork City, but honestly the whole Ireland is picturesque.

We like turning Internet of Things into simple and functional solutions.

Not to forget about challenging tasks and having fun from making not only our lives easier by solving not only our problems but also developing ideas and products for others and the world.

What we do

In general we build and create innovative solutions for ourselves and others.

  • Creative Client Work

    No matter if a company is small or big, we like to help with their work as partners to create cross-platform and cross-technology products, services and businesses.

  • Own Products

    Our passion is to learn by doing, to challenge problems, experiment with the new and old and to find solutions to create innovative products for ourselves and others.

  • New Ventures

    We love to join in efforts with visionary people who know their industry, offering our expertise and technology to create great new products and solutions.

Our main area of expertise:

  • HA

    High-availability solutions for auto-scaling high traffic demand application

  • IoT

    Internet of Things (IoT) and security implementation of them.

  • System on Chip

    Programming Wearables with System on Chip approach

  • VR, AR...

    Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine learning (ML) solutions

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Have a look below on selected projects we have done or are involved in.

Projects in development


There are a few products and ventures that we are currently working on but we will keep them classified ...until due course ;)

They are simply not quite ready for a launch yet, but they do involv smaller and bigger hardware called wearables and internet.

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